Historical Figures Turned Into Anime Girls for PC Game

"Eiyusenki" goes on sale March 2012

Hetalia: Axis Powers was only the beginning! Now, Eiyusenki, a new PC game from Japan seeks to depict 50 important figures from world history as cute anime-style girls, and more importantly, make them battle for global domination! 

Eiyusenki has been developed by the Tenco company withlots of RPG and RTS elements as girls representing assorted old world empires such as Azteca, Egypt, and Zipang (i.e. Japan) clash on the battlefield. The game is slated for release in March 2012 in Japan.


A visit to the official Eiyusenki web site is kind of a must, as you can view character bios for all the girls and be boggled at the design choices that have been made in the name of revisionist history. Below are is a sampling of some of our favorites...







To get a sense of how it works, get a gander at the game play video below...


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