AKB48's Yuko Oshima Co-Designs Two Costumes for "Final Fantasy XIII-2"

Idol will also star in a commercial for the anticipated Square Enix RPG sequel

With the promotional gears in full spin for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the next step naturally involves AKB48. Group member Yuko Oshima worked with Square Enix to co-design two costumes for the RPG, but that's just the beginning of her campaign.


Oshima will also be starring in a commercial for XIII-2—set to start airing on November 15—in which she attends a development meeting and proposes her costume concepts. It's not going to be that easy for Oshima, though. After the commercial debuts, the official site for XIII-2's beta testers will hold a popularity contest for the costumes, and the winning outfit will appear in the game. 




In addition to all of this, Oshima is also beta testing the game herself. Sounds like a lot of fun, and you can see designs and more in the images Mantan Web posted below.








The December 15 Japanese release date for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be here before you know it. It then hits North America on January 31, followed by a February 3 release in Europe.



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