30 People Arrested for Illegal Uploading in 3 Days

Including anime titles: Bakuman, Negima, TORIKO, Studio Ghibli and more

Probably these were the busiest three days for the Copyright infringement section of the entire Japanese police. On November 28-30, the police in the all 47 prefectures of Japan searched 76 places and arrested 30 people on suspicion of using file-sharing software (26 of them were Share users) or online storage sites to upload films, music, anime, game, and business software illegally. This was the largest simultaneous enforcement by the Japanese police against illegal uploaders ever.


According to the ACCS news release, 13 of the 30 suspects were arrested for uploading anime titles specifically. The uploaded titles the other media have reported were:



"Bakuman. 2"


"Negima! Magister Negi Magi"

"Hyouge Mono"



"Unspecified Studio Ghibli movie"

"Hanasaku Iroha"

"Blue Exorcist"

"Hajime no Ippo"



Teacher Suspended from Office for 2 Months for Uploading K-ON, Haruhi, Oreimo

Man Sentenced to 12 Months in Prison for Posting Gundam UC on Nico Nico Douga

Six Men Arrested for Uploading ONE PIECE Manga

"Oreimo", "Haruhi", "Suite PreCure" Uploaders Arrested

Famous Illegal Anime Uploader Finally Arrested

Primary Teacher Arrested for Uploading K-ON!! Episode

Man Arrested for Selling Pirated ONE PIECE DVD at Auction Site

Man Arrested for Uploading "Toaru Majutsu no Index II"

Man Arrested for Posting Gundam UC 3 on Nico Nico Douga

JSDF Officer Arrested for Uploading "Pani Poni" Manga

Pirated ONE PIECE DVD Seller Charged

Police Raid Illegal Anime Uploader's House

Bakuman Anime Uploader Arrested

Man Arrested for Uploading Movies on Nico Nico Douga

Ichigo Mashimaro Manga Uploader Arrested

Man Arrested for Uploading Arashi Videos on YouTube

ONE PIECE Film Uploader Arrested

Another Illegal Anime Uploader Referred


Source: ACCS, Mainichi, Kahoku Online Network, SankeiNTV News 24, Yomiuri, Sponichi

Bakuman. image © Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata /Shueisha/NHK/NEP/ShoPro

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