"Fate/stay Night Réalta Nua" Gets Official PC Port

All-ages version of "Fate/stay Night" originally released on PS2

Type-Moon's Fate/stay Night adult visual novel was originally released on PC in 2004, but Japanese PlayStation 2 gamers got a toned-down taste of the action in the form of the all-ages Fate/stay Night Réalta Nua. Now that version is getting its own official PC port. 


In addition to being an all-ages affair, 2007's Réalta Nua also included more CG, voice actors from the anime, and other features. The downloadable PC port won't feature any new routes, but, despite Type-Moon not going into specifics, it also won't be exactly the same as the PS2 version.



Further details are expected at a later date.


Via Siliconera

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