9 Reasons I'm Glad My Girlfriend is an Otaku

Girl Sugoren interviews Japanese guys about their geeky gals' best points

Earlier this month we relayed Girl Sugoren's nine ways girls accidentally out themselves as otaku, but this time the tables are turned and they talked to guys who have—and feel lucky to have—otaku girlfriends. Here are their top nine reasons geeky girls rule:


1. She accepts my crazy hobbies, too.


2. She has a wide range of knowledge, so conversation is engaging.


3. Her mood improves as long as she has a DVD of her favorite anime.


4. Her taste in guys tends towards 2D characters, so I can relax.


5. If I don't know where we should go on a date, she's satisfied with staying home together.


6. She recommends her favorite shojo manga, so I can learn about a whole new world.


7. We can save money and storage space because we're into the same stuff.


8. Since the way she expresses emotions is like manga, I can easily understand her feelings.


9. We can revel in cosplay just the two of us with no other onlookers.


Boys, does this explain your search for a geeky girl or are they missing something crucial? Girls, is this a fair analysis? We await your opinions in the comments!


Source: Girl Sugoren via Otakomu

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