Gallery: Otaku Xmas with Your Favorite Anime Guys & Girls

A slew of pics show how to be merry with your closest 2D companions

'Twas the night before christmas, 

and all through the house, 

a clicking was heard, 

'twas the sound of a mouse. 

From 2chan and beyond, 

all the otaku did decree, 

"I'm spendin' Christmas with cartoons, 

and I'm as happy as can be!" 


Everyone has their own way of celebrating the holidays, but otaku are truly one of a kind. Whether you're celebrating Christmas with close family, distant relatives, or no one at all, there's always a special friend waiting right on the other side of the screen. See for yourself in this photo roundup of quality Christmas time spent with friends and loved ones of the 2-dimensional variety! 


Mio from Nichijou looks like she wasn't quite expecting that... 


I imagine the girls of K-ON! are doing their own rendition of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" here.


Somewhere Gackt is yelling about YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, but thankfully he's not interrupting this peaceful dinner!


Let's just hope Squid Girl doesn't puke ink all over this beautiful setup. 


It looks like she reached out of the picture and grabbed that slice of 'za.


The bottle of Jonnie Walker might make this the classiest photo yet. 


This one is Shotaro Ishinomori approved! Dig in, Kamen Rider!



Anyone else incredibly hungry now?


Via 0takomu (part 1, part 2, some pics NSFW)

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