Video Game "Demakes" Bring Modern Hits Back to the Good Old Days

Honestly, these seem a lot more appealing than any number of HD remakes

Before anybody says it in the comments, it is not Friday and I am technically posting fanart, but these were too awesome to pass up. Mojang (Minecraft) art director Markus Toivonen (junkboy) released a few new "demakes," which he used to make for Swedish gaming magazine Level, where he takes a modern game and redoes it in pixel art--and often changes up the game's genre in the process.


Here's the two new ones, followed by a bunch more:


Halo: Combat Evolved as a classic Contra-style shooter


The appropriately-named "Gothic Ghoul Grappling" feels like Shadows of the Damned somewhat



SoulCalibur in glorious 2D, probably with breakable railings and animated blood



StarCraft from a time long before LAN parties



Brutal Legend, appropriately using the SCUMM adventure game engine--whoever makes this will get my money



My only concern: would a 2D Super Mario Galaxy still have the same great soundtrack?



Bayonetta as a ruthless, quarter-munching shmup



A version of Mario Kart that would probably have had a steering wheel built onto the cabinet



A Metroidvania version of Bioshock, which would probably make a great portable game



If it were released for the SNES, Other M might use the Super Scope 6



This version of Uncharted would probably have beautiful Prince of Persia or Flashback-style rotoscoping



Seriously, an arcade cabinet for Smash is just a license to print money

As I've said before, I'm a big proponent of 2D gaming and classic game design, so my opinion on these is pretty much a given. What about you? Would you give these "demakes" a shot?



via Destructoid


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