"Dusk Maiden of Amnesia" Anime Cast, Characters, Art Revealed

Another mystery series for paranormal school days fans

If you were on the edge of your seat waiting for Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Tasogare Otome Amunejiia) info, here is your moment! The official website recently popped tons of info about characters, songs, and more about this new spring anime. Let's dig in...


The opening song will be the debut of the 5th ANIMAX All-Japan Anime Song Grand Prize, Konomi Suzuki:



It will be produced by the prolific Aki Hata, who did the theme for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Saki, among others. 


Here are the newly updated character profiles:


Teiichi Niiya is voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga (Aichi Sendou from Cardfight!! Vanguard, Tsutomu Komano from Chihayafuru).


Yuuko Kanoe is voiced by Yumi Hara (Takane Shijou from The [email protected], Sawa Yamauchi from Sket Dance).


Kirie Kanoe is voiced by Eri Kitamura (Karen Araragi from Bake/Nisemonogatari, Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica).


Momoe Okonogi is voiced by Misato Fukuen (Yoshika Miyafuji in Strike Witches, Motoe Nono and Nene in Blood C).


Maybe (Meibii)'s original manga is serialized in Monthly GanGan Joker. The staff of the anime are Baka and Test alum:


Director: Shin Oonuma (C3)

Series composition: Katasuhiko Takayama (Future Diary)

Character Design/Animation Director: Yukiko Ban

Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama 

Animation Production: SILVER LINK



The story revolves around first year junior high schooler Teiichi Niiya establishing a Paranormal Research Club to help a ghost who haunts the school, Yuuko, remember how she died and why she's a ghost. Apparently his school, Seikyou Academy, has lots of ghost stories to investigate...

Official Site


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