Vocaloid Aoki Lapis Dress Up Contest Winners Announced

Will she be the cutest Vocaloid?

i-style project, a collaboration project for Vocaloid 3 character Aoki Lapis by the animation Studio DEEN and the anime/manga/game-oriented portal site Surfersparadise, has been holding three illustration contests featuring her in partnership with Nico Nico Seiga since last December. The winners of the first contest "Aoki Lapis Kisekae (dress-up) Illustration" were announced yesterday. The first prize winner's design will be adopted as Lapis' official costume. Which is your most favorite Lapis?


Announcement illustration by Carnelian (Lapis' character designer)


First Prize Winner

    "Ame (Rain) Lapis" by manbou_ane




    "Lapis Kisekae (Dress-Up)" by Ebi-tail



Second Prize winners


  "Aoki Rapis" by marroko


  "Aoki Rapis" by owa


  "Lapis-chan" by Non


Source: Hatsune Miku News


© i-style project

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