LIST: Top 5 Anime According to J-Goth Singer KIRIA

"Beautifully, splendidly, and aesthetically, we are beckoned into a decadent world"

Know ye mortals: there is darkness, and there is light, and somewhere in-between, you’ll find KIRIA…



KIRIA is a Japanese singer-songwriter whose new album Noir Diadem is now available on iTunes worldwide.


KIRIA personally wrote and composed the 11 tracks found on Noir Diadem. Describing her music is…difficult. Her songs contain touches of electro, classical, and goth, but none of these genres are occupied for very long. The only real constant is KIRIA’s voice, which scales to dizzying heights and delivers lyrics partially in Japanese and partially in a made-up language all her own. The result is an otherworldly atmosphere that KIRIA describes as "aesthetic, decadent, and fantastic."


You can view a video for her latest song, "A Queen's Dinner," below...


Ye shall also know: KIRIA is an anime fan as well, and what she sees and watches directly inspires her music. 


Below, you’ll find KIRIA's Top Five favorite anime. In parentheses you’ll see the name of the song from her album, Noir Diadem, that were influenced by each work.




Gintama (♪Samurai Damashii)



The protagonist Gintoki Sakata is habitually a mess and jokes around a lot. However, when it's crunch time, he'll make a snap decision that will move you to tears. The samurai spirit hidden within him is not spoken, but revealed through action—so cool. The very model of a samurai!


Ghost in the Shell (♪Perestroika)


The story and the world is it set in are both masterpieces. A saga of soul searching with the near future as the setting. Trembling on the edge of the gap between cyborg machine bodies and human emotion, it makes me question my own ghost. It can't be summed up in a word, but not seeing it would be a mistake.


 Hell Girl (♪Mugen Houyou)


In a melancholic atmosphere, full of human fighting, resentment, and curses, every type of karma is reflected. The world of humans is…sad, and uncanny, painful. This anime depicts human reality.  


 Hunter x Hunter

I have a thing for Killua! This anime depicts several different human relationships, at times in a fun way, at times seriously. I've loved it for years. Even if I don't say anything about it, many people know this famous anime!


Black Butler (♪Shoubi Sousou Kyoku)


Beautifully, splendidly, and aesthetically, we are beckoned into a decadent world. A boy's past…A hatred that won't die…And then, a contract with a demon… It magnificently depicts the path of a boy who has sealed a beautifully dangerous contract.


KIRIA - “Noir Diadem”

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