Your Swimsuit Drives Enemies Wild in Next "DoDonPachi" Game

Investigating the various degrees of hard mode in Cave's latest shmup

Cave's latest DoDonPachi bullet hell arcade game is location testing this weekend in Akihabara and to help players pick their in-game wardrobe, the powers of each outfit have been explained. 


Battle clothes (I would have guessed "maid costume" but what do I know?):



The power and range of your shot goes up. You start with three bombs and can carry a max of six. 


Plain clothes (something about this is starting to scream "Hatsune Miku"):



Ups the power of your laser attack, and adds piercing capability in certain cases. You start with two bombs and can carry a max of four.


Now are you ready to strip down and fight with your bare hands midriff? 





"FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS," it says in red at the top. Why? Because even while both shot and laser are powered up, your enemies are driven into a bloody-nosed rage: "[...] enemy attacks become [more] intense." And to help deal with this onslaught you get one measly bomb and can only carry one at a time.


If you're curious what DoDonPachi Greatest Death ("Saidai Oujou") looks like in action, check out some footage that was snagged at the location test:



DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Official Site


via Hachima Kikou

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