A Look at the "Whiteness" of Japanese Anime Characters

Japanese forumgoers examine facial structures unique to whites and Asians

Anime characters have hair and eyes in all the colors of the rainbow, but they still never look particularly Japanese. Despite arguments that anime characters are more designed in line with Japanese standards of beauty, it's still easy to see where people consider this (below) to be less "Japanese woman" and more "Nordic supermodel."




A Japanese forum took another look at the subject, comparing a typical Caucasian skull to a common Asian skull, then compared the facial structures of a young Caucasian woman to a young Japanese woman.




Finally, the same comparisons were made to illustrations, but here's the real surprise: the "Caucasian" character was K-ON!'s Yui Hirasawa.


It is worth mentioning this from the original Kotaku post regarding this comparison:


"Even though these images apparently originated on a Japanese web forum, there are several problems with the images, but the biggest is that they seem selected simply to further this individual's thesis. As one Japanese forum commenter pointed out, 'The choice of models is pretty terrible.'

In Japan, the white model might be considered an ideal Western beauty; the Asian model would not. A more valid comparison would be with someone like Koyuki, who is considered an ideal Japanese beauty. How would her features factor into this?"

It certainly is something to consider, especially with anime's unique visual style. I hardly doubt that there are many seven-foot-tall Japanese men built like Brock Lesnar, no matter what Fist of the North Star has taught me. What do you think? Does this comparison make sense, or is it just a wild theory thrown out by fans with too much time on their hands?

via Kotaku

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