Get Closer to Your Heroine in PS Vita's "Ciel Nosurge"

Akira Tsuchiya of "Ar Tonelico" directs upcoming pseudo-dating-sim

New info about Gust's upcoming "seven dimension communication" game, Ciel Nosurge, was released today, detailing the heroine Ion and how you communicate with her.


This may stress your ability to suspend disbelief, but Ion actually exists in another dimension and we can meet her via the PS Vita. In her world they are on the same 24 hour cycle as us, so when you wake up in the morning, she's just starting her day as well. She might be sleeping if you check in at night, but during the day she's eating or making things.



Your Vita has a "genometrics" machine that maps out her mental state so you can help her recover lost memories. 



Ion will make and eat her own food if she gets hungry, but you can also promise to eat together at a certain time once you're good friends.



She likes sweets and will expand her cooking repertoire as you go. 



In the beginning Ion has her own schedule, but as you become closer, her habits will start to align more with yours. 



Ion likes to build things, but she's scatterbrained and often makes mistakes. If you give her advice, though, her ability to use tools will improve. 



After building an item together, you can go on a date. What you do together depends on what item you made, and it sounds like more activities will become available via DLC. 



This, for example, is a beach date. Touching the screen allows you to talk with Ion, and if you're nice to her, you'll become closer.



The world in the game has a nostalgic Showa era feel, which you may be able to tell from the above view outside the general store. The theme of the story is "the warmth of peoples' hearts" so they came up with a setting that would project charm and kindness. You can probably think of this set of emotions as the same ones that Ghibli films are aiming for.


Ciel Nosurge is out in Japan April 26th.


via 4Gamer

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