Fan-Made "K-On!" x "One Piece" Manga Appears

It all starts on an Oda-liciously tearful graduation day...

How much do fans of light music club bands and pirates overlap? We're guessing enough to thoroughly enjoy this fan cross-over manga featuring K-On! characters in a decidedly One Piece-esque situation and drawing style:


"As of today, we...GRADUATE!!!"

"Azusa!!! This is awful!!! My sister...she's!! / The day before the university entrance ceremony she was shocked by her electric guitar and DIED!!!"

"Humans fragile, aren't they...Azusa... / Ui!!! Gimme Yui's guitar!! I'm gonna become the world's greatest guitarist so that my name will be known even in heaven!!!" 

Ok, One Piece fans, I bet you know which chapters and characters they are referencing without even looking it up. What did you think? K-On fans, did you ever think you'd see the girls cry such manly tears?!


via Hamusoku

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