Discotek Media to Release "Retro Game Master" on DVD

The Kacho hits home video in a Game Center CX collection!

Kotaku's license of Game Center CX, which it streamed under the title Retro Game Master, may have expired, but it looks like Discotek Media has plans to release the series on DVD!


According to Discotek's Facebook page, the collection will feature the 12 episodes shown on Kotaku, with two audio tracks. One features the English narration, and the other contains the full Japanese language with English subtitles. 


Hopefully we'll get some more info soon, but this is great news for fans of Game Center CX / Retro Game Master. The RGM version may not include every segment of GCCX, but it's still great entertainment for fans of classic gaming and the fighting spirit of host Shinya Arino.


Would anyone here be interested in owning the series on DVD?

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