"Eyeshield 21" Artist Posts Fun, Inventive Manga to Twitter

See Yūsuke Murata's creative comic complete with English translations!

Eyeshield 21 artist Yūsuke Murata recently completed a Twitter masterpiece, and his inventive online comic can be read in its entirety. While it's enjoyable enough even if you don't know Japanese, we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the work, and provide English translations for MAXIMUM IMPACT!


The story is somewhat of a continuation of Murata's Hetappi Manga Kenkyūjo R (Hetappi Manga Research Lab R), a remake of Akira Toriyama's Hetappi Manga Research Lab R. The series ran once a month in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008-2010, and follows Saitou, a Jump editor based on Murata and writer Riichiro Inagaki's own editor on Eyeshield 21, who is tired of slaving away for a small salary. Thus, he decides to become a mangaka instead, and threatens Murata so he'll teach him how to draw manga.


Now, for Murata's amazing Twitter followup to Hetappi Manga Research Lab R, in which Saitou pesters the mangaka beyond the brink of reason for his manuscript! 


Note: Murata's own Twitter comments appear in parentheses under the pics






Saitou: "Mr. Murata!"  

Murata: "Waaaaahhhh!!"

(Mr. Saitou, in charge of Hetappi R)


"What about the manuscript!!?"

(You're asking that now!!?)

"Not yet..."

(A poem composed just before death)


"What are you doing? C'mon... You mean to stick me with the loss of your manuscript?"

(Not good)


"Oh hello. I'm Saitou. Hetappi Manga Research Lab R, now on sale! I'm in it, so please buy it!"

(Unstealthy marketing)


"Now's not the time for this... The manuscriiiiiiipt!"

(The manuscriiiiiipt


Parachute reads: "I ♥ Madoka Magica"









Saitou:  "The manuscriiiiipt!"

Murata: "Jeez, he's persistent..."

(Tenacious Mr. Saitou)


"Uh huh, yes– I'll tie him up and make him write it right away!"



"You really mean to hide from me like that?"

Sound Effect: "Cave"

(Daring for some reason)


"Don't take Jump editors lightly! X-Ray Mangaka Search!!!!"




(X-Ray Mangaka search bumped up a notch)


(There he is)


"There you are! Typesetting blade!!!"

(It's just a blade used when you add lettering to the manuscript)






"Huh? Where'd he go?"

(Not there!)






"Did I lose him?"


"Please forgive me, Mr. Saitou! I promised I would go fishing with my son!"

(Well, there's no helping it


"♪ fish fish fish ♪"



(Eating fish...)


"This is my sleeping bag, isn't it? But how'd it get here?"

(...makes you...)








(Fish Hell




Saitou: "We got him."

Murata: "What?!"



Saitou: "I'm not letting you go until you finish."

Murata: "Damn, you ogre!"

(Canned goods)


Saitou: "You've been putting up a ton of scribbles on the net but still no manuscript..."

Murata: "By the way Mr. Saitou, didn't you quit your salaried job for your dream of being a mangaka?!"

Saitou: "If you forge dreams, they're as fleeting as sunbeams."

Murata: "What's with the sad ending?"

(Forged dreams)


"Daddy, aren't you coming home?"






Via @SASAKI_Hisashi


Thanks to Emily Balistrieri for translation and Mikikazu Komatsu for assistance.

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