Show-Ya Recruits "Grappler Baki" Creator & Others for Album Posters

Visual art promotion for the hard rockin' girls' first full album since 1990

The new album from all girls hard rock band Show-Ya, Genuine Diamond, goes on sale March 7th, and they've collaborated with six artists for a series of initial run limited bonus posters.


By Grappler Baki creator Keisuke Itagaki:



By animator/director (Hoshizora Kiseki) Akio Watanabe:



By Someday's Dreamers manga artist Kumichi Yoshizuki:



By Nourin light novel illustrator Kippu:



By videogame VitaminX character designer Hirotaka Maeda:



By Mawaru Mawaru Unmei no Wa Mawaru light novel illustrator pun2:



Which poster you get depends where you shop, so check out the list on Natalie if you're planning on trying to pick one up. Here's a track from Show-Ya so you can get a feel for their musical stylings:


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