VIDEO: "Street Fighter X Tekken" Extended Cast Prologues

Also, some important news about PS3-exclusive fighters Mega Man and Pac-Man

If you ask me how YouTube gaming channel SoulReaperTTG got these prologue videos, I'm just going to respond "magic," because I have no idea! The extended cast for the PSVita version of Street Fighter X Tekken get their own special intros setting up their globe-trotting, fight-filled journeys. Keep in mind there's no announcer for these, so just make up your own story as you go along... for now.

Some of the pairings make sense--both Blanka and Sakura spend a little too much time taking care of Dan, and there are already canon team-ups with Cody and Guy, or Tekken's Lars and Alisa. But Dudley and Elena? Lei and Christie? Who'd have seen that coming?

In other news for the console versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, PS3 fans will have a short wait before they can pick up two of the more unexpected extras for their copy of the game. While PS3 exclusive characters Kuro, Toro, and Cole McGrath will be available at launch, Mega Man and Pac-Man will be released on March 13th on PSN, one week after the game's release, free of charge.


Which version of Street Fighter X Tekken are you picking up? Are you going the purely competitive route and getting the 360 edition for the fact that console-exclusive characters are automatically banned in tourneys? Are you getting the PS3 edition for the hilarious and unusual extra characters? Or are you going to wait for the Vita version to get its exclusive-so-far cast?




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