10 Things Foreign Otaku Find Hard to Understand About Anime

From a Chinese message board thread

Some Chinese anime fans had a message board conversation on Baidu (later translated into Japanese by a writer at Searchina News) about what things were the hardest to comprehend in the foreign entertainment medium.


Poster kangkangjiji doesn't understand why...

1. the main character has a window seat for some reason.

2. there are so many scenes of telephone poles and electrical wires.

3. the cell phones are all flip phones.

4. characters often eat ramen and not sushi.

5. characters often pull down one eyelid and stick out their tongue.

6. rich girls are blond.

7. characters get nose bleeds when they see a cute girl.

8. thieves wear a towel on their head and tie it under their nose, but their face is still completely visible.

9. Germans are depicted as nice people.

10. only one episode is broadcast per week.

Obviously this list is particular to the individual who wrote it, but here are some of the replies:


I agree with #1. #10 is annoying. 


I whole heartedly agree with #10. 


I definitely don't get the meaning of the telephone poles.


It's because the main character must look at the blue sky.


The ceaselessly appearing telephone poles and electrical wires. Also the evening crows' cawing. This is a profoundly mysterious truth. 


Also cicadas buzzing.


I've always wondered about the model for the thieves as well.


I think the flip phones are kind of weird, too. Is it to protect from wind while you're making a call?

We're most interested in hearing what puzzled you the most when you first started watching anime, so let us know in the comments!


via Otakomu

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