"AKB0048" Anime Cast To Include Kurapika from "Hunter x Hunter"

Miyuki Sawashiro and others join as successors to AKB48 members

Three cast additions to AKB0048, the AKB48 sci-fi anime, were announced today.


Acchan (the 13th Atsuko Maeda from Team A) is played by Miyuki Sawashiro (Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter, Suruga Kanbaru in Nisemonogatari).



Sayaka (the 10th Sayaka Akimoto from Team K) is played by Ayako Kawasumi (Saber in Fate/Zero, Kazumi Yoshida in Shakugan no Shana III).



Sae (the 10th Sae Miyazawa from Team K) is played by Mai Nakahara (Linda from Guin Saga, Renjaku from Mawaru-Penguindrum).


These character designs are nifty, but I'm thinking it's high time for a trailer. Who's with me? AKB0048 premieres April 29th.


Source: Oricon Style via Otakomu



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