"Persona 4: The Golden" Videogame Box Art Unveiled

"Persona 4" hits Vita June 14th

Famitsu brings us an early look at the Persona 4: The Golden (PS Vita) box art. The illustration is by character designer and art director Shigenori Soejima:



Keep in mind this is the Japanese box. 


They also detailed the contents of a special Famitsu DX Pack of the game which includes:


Persona 4: The Golden

Marie's multi-purpose pouch

Set of 10 special postcards

Set of six A3 size clear posters, five of which are drawn by the people listed below:

*Shigenori Soejima (who, you'll recall, did the above box art)



*Mad House (opening animation of the game; work in progress example above—they can't reveal all of it due to spoilers)

*Studio Hibari

*Shūji Sogabe (Persona 4 manga)



*Hiroyuki Maeda (who does Famitsu covers; see his illustration above)


They're taking preorders now, but the Famitsu DX pack goes on sale the same day as the Persona 4: The Golden game itself, June 14th.


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