"Fate/Zero" Men Sprawl Across Upcoming Young Ace Poster

Manga artist Shinjirō dishes one out...for the fans?

For some reason that 2ch commenters cannot divine, Fate/Zero manga artist Shinjirō is celebrating the beginning of the comic's second year of publication with a poster of scantily clad male servants: 


"A poster covered in men!"

Message board comments include:

Sorry, I feel a little sick.

I kind of feel like on the Fate production side the series is organized by people who might see this not as a joke but good taste.

I decided to buy it.

This is awful!

This...can't be (lol).

What is this? [Young Ace] is this kind of magazine? 

I can't look straight at it.

It's huge! It's horrible! Why is this kind of thing the 2 year commemoration?


If you blow it up you can see Assassin more clearly under the sheets. A 2ch commenter also pointed out the horror of Caster's pillow.


Ok, now let's hear from you guys. Scary or sexy? Is there even a middle ground to speak of?


via Otakomu

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