Go Nagai to Write New "Devilman" Manga

Cynthia the Mission's Rui Takatô to illustrate

Influential manga author Go Nagai—credited with work on the first internally-piloted giant robot, combining giant robot, and transforming magical girl—will be returning to his horror superhero Devilman with Devilman Grimoire, or Devilman G for short.


Starting April 19th, Devilman G will be running in Champion Red, an anthology that has run prior Nagai-based manga Shin Mazinger and Devilman versus Getter Robo, and Mao Dante versus Getter Robo G. Go Nagai will be writing the series, with Rui Takatô (Cynthia the Mission, Soul Calibur Dojo, Tetsuman - Tekken Comic ) illustrating.


via Manga-News

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