"Macross: Do You Remember Love?" Director Noboru Ishiguro Passes Away at Age 73

Director of sci-fi classics including Yamato, Megazone 23, and 80s Astro Boy

Japan's Asahi Shimbum newspaper has posted an obituary for anime industry veteran Noboru Ishiguro, who passed away at age 73. In 1963, while still a student, Ishiguro started in the business working on the original mecha series, Tetsujin 28. In the 70s he graduated into directing the Space Battleship Yamato series and went on to helm landmarks of the 80s, including the anime movie retelling of Macross, Do You Remember Love?, in addition to Megazone 23 and the 1980 remake of Astro Boy. American watchers of Nickelodeon at the time might remember his children's show Noozles, created in response to Japan's mid-80s koala craze.


In the late 80s and into the 90s, he oversaw the sprawling 110-episode sci-fi war OVA Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and remained active in the field with works such as 2008's Tytania.


Ishiguro was scheduled to be a guest at North Carolina's Animazement this May.


via Yaraon

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