Real Rose Named "The Rose of Versailles" Offered in Japan

To celebrate the manga's 40th anniversary

The Rose of Versailles is a manga series by Riyoko Ikeda in 1972-73 and probably one of the most popular shoujo manga titles in Japan even today. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Keisei Rose Nurseries in Chiba, Japan, has developed a new kind of rose named "La Rose de Versailles/The Rose of Versailles". They will released the rose at International Roses & Gardening Show 2012 in Saitama on May 12-20 for the first time in the world. The advance pre-orders for the 100 rose plants began on March 16 and they were all sold out in only two days. The price for the plant was 3,300 yen (approximately US$39.83). Does the rose close to the manga's image?   



Source: Chiba Nippo


© Keisei Rose Nurseries

© Ikeda Riyoko Production

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