Kotobukiya Plans Second "Shining Blade" Ani*Statue Import

Tony Taka-designed figure of Aira planned for August

Earlier this year, Kotobukiya revealed plans to import an Ani*Statue figure of Sega RPG Shining Blade heroine Sakuya to North America this June. Those plans have now been extended, with a Tony Taka-designed figure of Aira planned for August.


From Kotobukiya's Facebook post:

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The lovely ladies of the “Shining” series from SEGA continue to dazzle in an incredible line of Ani*Statues, and now Kotobukiya is proud to present the second member from the upcoming fourth incarnation Shining Blade: Aira! Based on character designs by Tony Taka, Aira is a fitting new addition to the Shining girls and is actually based on the previously released Blanc Neige Ani*Statue. Standing with her hand on one hip pushed out to the side in a saucy pose, the Ice Witch still wears an elegant purple and white gown with full-length black gloves and boots. Meanwhile, Aira has an all new short cape and a newly sculpted left hand that holds her coldly beautiful ice crystal-topped staff. The Shining Blade cutie also has a great upgraded paint application on her smiling face and straight white hair, with extra attention paid to her natural skin tone. Aira stands 8 inches tall in 1/8 scale. From the ruffles on her gown to the intricate details of her collar, the clear pvc of her staff’s ice crystal, and those gorgeous eyes, Aira is the perfect addition (or start!) to your Shining collection.

Available August 2012.

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