VIDEO: Shokotan Wants Your Cosplay Photos!

Japan’s first female otaku celebrity celebrates her 10th anniversary

As you all know, Shoko Nakagawa, aka “Shokotan”, is a Japanese idol, actress, voice actress, illustrator, manga artist, singer, blogger, and most importantly, famous otaku celebrity. To celebrate her 10th anniversary since her debut in 2001 and the release of her first best album "Shokotan✩Best――(°∀°) ――!" on May 2, a community site Kawaii girl Japan holds a cosplay photo contest named "Cosplay✩Best (゚∀゚)―― Championships". The cosplay photos must be associated with Shokotan. Her live costumes, CD jackets, animation characters she has played in or sang for, and such. There is no age /country limit, but only woman can apply for the contest (sorry guys!). Shokotan herself will choose the champion and the person will receive a postcard signed by Shokotan! The deadline for the application is May 27.


A message from Shokotan with English sub 


Cure Peace (Smile PreCure!) drawn by Shokotan from the April 8 post of her blog 


Source: Kawaii girl Japan

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