Sega's Pee-Powered "Toylet" Game Goes Public

Aim is the game in this now publicly available amusement

Remember Sega's Toylet game? It lets players relieve themselves on a urinal sensor that measures volume and pressure, giving I.P. Freely control over a variety of games. Rejoice, because a few days ago Sega's official Toylet Twitter feed let flow the fact that the device is now on the market for the general public.


Imagine the benefits of having a Toylet game or two installed in a public urinal. Rapid-fire challenges like filling coffee cans, making milk squirt from a tough dude's nose, and blowing wind up a girl's skirt would encourage folks to keep their streams in line, thus saving businesses from a few unnecessary janitorial details. The Toylet equipment is priced at ¥140,000 ($1,748), with individual games running ¥10,000 ($125) each. An optional coin slot box can be purchased for ¥25,000 ($312), should you want to recoup those expenses at ¥10 per play.



Keep in mind that urinals themselves are not included, and this won't work on a sit-down john. So is Toylet worth the cost of installation? Patrick Macias and Yuu Asakawa explored these very curiosities in season 3, episode 7 of Otaku-Verse Zero!


Obviously you're not gonna have one of these in your home, unless you a) have a urinal and b) are incredibly cool. They were tested in select Tokyo locations last year, and have since been placed in establishments across the country. Would you step up to this challenge if a local establishment installed one in its restroom?


Via Wired



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