Poll: Japanese Fans Name "Fate/Zero" Characters They Want to Date

Saber wins extra points with the boys for respecting chivalry

Between April 13-16, both male and female My Navi News members were polled regarding which Fate/Zero character they'd most like to date. See who came out on top among the 500 responses!



Characters the ladies chose


1. Kiritsugu Emiya (38.2%)

2. Kirei Kotomine (10.7%)

3. Lancer (9.9%)

4. Archer (9.2%)

5. Kariya Matō (8.4%)


You might have thought Lancer would come out on top, but actually people preferred Emiya. "He has adult elegance and sex appeal," said one participant. They also like Kirei's gloomy personality.



Characters the guys chose


1. Saber (34.1%)

2. Irisviel von Einzbern (17.3%)

3. Rin Tōsaka (10.6%)

4. Sakura Matō (10.6%)

5. Maiya Hisau (10/6%)


The article points out that Irisviel came in second even though she's another man's wife. What are you guys thinkin'?! The lady's spoken for! One replied, "[I picked her] because although her fate is so sad, she is living cheerfully, with strength." As for Saber, she got extra points with the boys for respecting chivalry.


How do these responses line up with your own tastes? Who would land in your #1 spot?


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