10 Things Japanese People Hate About JRPGs

Message board posters weigh in

A recent Japanese message board thread about JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) noted that while some would call them the "classic style" of RPG, overseas there are many cases where the term "JRPG" is used with a negative nuance. To join in on this negativity, posters decided to discuss what they themselves hate most about their domestically-made RPGs.


*Note there is no order or ranking involved. We're just counting off ten things.



1. The characters are all good-looking guys and beautiful girls.


2. Movie --> Dialogue --> Movie


3. Opening chests without permission



4. You have a bunch of characters, but only a few of them can participate in the battle.


5. The actual game contents are subordinated to the theme song, voice actress, etc.


6. About 1,200 people line up for preorders.



7. Hidden things you wouldn't understand unless you read a walkthrough


8. The protagonist always does the opposite of what I think. 


9. You're just running errands, and then before you know it you have somehow saved the world.


10. They're called JRPGs.


So what do you guys think? Surely even among the die-hard fans there must be something that annoys you, so let us know what irks you most about JRPGs in the comments!


via Hachima Kikou


*Most opinions are paraphrased and not directly translated.

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