Operation Walpurgis Night - Puella Magi Mobile Suit Magica Gallery

Gallery of Gundam Wing X Madoka☆Magica Designs

Gundam previously had its magical girl-style mobile suit with G Gundam's Sailor Moon-ish Nobel Gundam from the orbitting colony of Neo-Sweden. Pixiv user Willow does it five better with a series of Gundam designs that cross Gundam Wing with Madoka Magica


Madoka as Wing Gundam



Kyoko as Deathscythe


Sayaka as Sandrock


Mami as Heavyarms


Homura as Epyon


Homura as Shelon


a bit of Gundam AGE


Smile Precure x Gundam 00

Bonus round-up

via pump

via Mがんぢー 例大祭M-32b


via 金田 満子

via Gundam Guy


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