The Madness of "Earth Defense Force 3 Portable" is PS Vita Bound

See screens for the franchise's Vita debut

D3 Publisher recently opened a teaser site, which reveals the impending fall 2012 release of Earth Defense Force 3 Portable on PlayStation Vita in Japan. This isn't the first time an EDF game has gone portable, but it's a franchise first for PS Vita. 



For those who haven't played them, the EDF series hit North American shores a couple times in the past, with Earth Defense Force 2017 and the more recent Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, both on Xbox 360. The games are super simple, pitting players against seemingly endless hordes of giant ants, UFOs, mechs, and even ruthless, city-stomping kaiju. 


The teaser site has a placeholder for a promotional movie, which is scheduled to debut on June 14, so we'll see how EDF looks on PS Vita next week. The headline image is from Earth Defense Force 2 (Chikyū Bōeigun 2), part of the Simple 2000 series on PS2 in Japan and my personal first exposure to the EDF franchise. The games are mostly really fun in a simple and stupid way.


For now, have some Vita screens!



Via Andriasang



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