Poll: Cartoon Network Japan's "Best Animation in the World"

95,682 votes for 92 cartoon titles

Cartoon Network Japan announced the result of a viewers' survey on the best animation in the world (excluding Japanese anime) on June 7. The survey was conducted from March 10 to May 31 on their official site. The total number of votes were 95,682. The top 10 titles selected from 92 will be broadcasted in its summer special program from July 23 to August 31. According to the press release, the number of the viewers of Cartoon Network via CS, BS, and CATV in Japan is about 7.55 million as of January 2012. How popular is your favorite cartoon among the Japanese CN viewers?



1. "Tom and Jerry"   4,922 votes


2. "Courage the Cowardly Dog"  3,762 votes

3. "The Amazing World of Gumball"  3,491 votes

4 "Tom and Jerry Tales"  3,455 votes

5. "The Powerpuff Girls"  3,092 votes


6. "Tom & Jerry Kids"  3,065 votes

7."The Bugs Bunny Show"  3,032 votes

8. "Chowder"  2,954 votes

9. "The Looney Tunes Show"  2,624 votes

10. "The Pink Panther & Pals"  2,584 votes

Source: Cartoon Network Press Release via Movie Collection


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