"Thermae Romae" Live-Action Movie Passes 5 Billion Yen

The most successful 2012 Japanese film so far

Thermae Romae, the live-action film adaptation of Mari Yamazaki's popular manga, passed amazing 5 billion yen (approximately US$62,815,000) as of June 12. It is the first Japanese film grossed over 5 billion since The Last Message: Umizaru (also the live-action adaptation of manga) in 2010. The film directed by Hideki Takeuchi (Nodame Cantabile) and starring Hiroshi Abe (Trick) was released on April 28 in Japan. The film is already scheduled to be released in Italy, Monaco, Vatican City, Malta, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. And the Japanese production company is currently in talk with France, Switzerland, Belgium, North African countries, Korea, China, the U.S., Germany, UK, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Canada, Thailand, Russia, Spain, and Australia.




Source: Mantan Web


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