Evangelion Promotes Japanese Racing Association

Misato, Gendo and company are now betting the horses

When Hideaki Anno was working out his personal demons in Evangelion, I wonder if it occurred to him that his creation would someday be used to promote the Japanese Racing Association (JRA). This isn't motor sports of the sort that the Evangelion Racing Team participate in. No, Gendo, Misato and company are now betting the horses.


Shinji and the rest of the pilots are too young to gamble.



Following the lead of AKB48 and Production I.G, Evangelion will be the focus of a new JRA promotional campaign. The "SMART JRA" promo will feature an animated commercial  starting on the 17th and a site with an "uMAGI." Based on the anime's supercomputer, this will explain racing in Evangelion terms and offer a betting simulator. Winnings can be used to purchase digital goods like wallpapers and avatars. A smartphone version is also planned for the June 24th launch. 



Do you think Eva should be endorsing horse racing?


via AnimeAnime


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