AX 2012: "Tiger and Bunny" Home Video Release Confirmed for 2013

2011 surprise hit to air this Fall in English as part of Neon Alley launch

More information has come to light regarding Tiger & Bunny and its planned home video release courtesy of a printed Neon Alley flyer.


Tiger & Bunny Neon Alley flyer


According to the flyer, the English dub of the series will debut as a Neon Alley exclusive while the home video release has now been confirmed for an unspecified date in 2013 on DVD and Blu-Ray. This marks the first time that concrete information has been made available to everyone regarding the home video release since the last industry panel held at Fanime where the release date was first announced.


So, now that we know when the home video release will be and the fact that it will air on Neon Alley as an exclusive, is anyone still interested, or is there still disagreement with the way the network is set up?

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