"My Ordinary Life" Character Endorses Japanese Release of "Shark Night 3D"

Hakase breathlessly expresses her admiration of David R. Ellis' shark movie

David R. Ellis' (the director attached to the live-action Kite remake) September 2011 Shark Night 3D was torn apart by American critics. It didn't entirely bomb in the box office, but it wasn't exactly a hit either. The solution to goose its Japanese release has been to get a star endorsement, and who better to endorse a shark movie than manga's preeminent shark enthusiast. 


In a manga strip for the Toho distributed movie from My Ordinary Life creator Keiichi Arawi, the Professor breathlessly chews Sakamoto's ear about the wonders of the movie's titular predator's teeth and what it would be like for one of the sharks to slowly gobble up the very worried cat.





via Comic Natalie


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