Adam Warren Sketches Gainax Girls

Sexy art of Gurren Lagann's Yoko, Evangelion's Rei, and more from OG-OEL artist

OG-OEL author Adam Warren, creator of “sexy superhero comedy" Empowered and pre-manga-boom adaptations of Dirty Pair and Bubblegum Crisis, has been sharing a sketch a day on Twitter and deviantART. Lately he showcased his sketches of Gurren Lagann's Yoko, Empowered's eponymous heroine cosplaying as Yoko, and Evangelion's Rei.


Get a look below...


From Warren's comments:

Behold, a sketch of Yōko (from the Gainax anime Gainax anime Gurren Lagann) which I'll be dropping off at the San Diego Comic-Con in only a few short days. The "YOKO(?)" in the title, alas, refers to the fact that dA's titling doesn't allow for proper macron usage (that is, "Yōko"). 

By the way, here's a likewise SDCC-bound pencil sketch of Emp, the eponymous heroine of my "sexy superhero comedy" series Empowered, cosplaying as Yōko*:

*Or, as I dubbed her for that sketch, "Yohko", using a somewhat archaic means of rendering the Japanese "long O" in English**; the macron ("Yōko") version is, of course, much more pleasing. Zero props, however, to the folks who claimed "Yohko" was a misspelling of "Yoko"; nay, "Yōko" is the way to go, kids, to clearly indicate the long O in her name (ヨーコ).

**Still, "oh" was preferable to the other (non-macron) ways often used (back in the day) to indicate the long O, such as "oo" or "ou".

As the latest part of my effort to post a new (to you) piece every (week)day, here's a very old sketch of Evangelion's iconic Rei Ayanami, drawn circa '96 for inclusion in a long-ago dojiinshi "Sketchbook" of mine put together by very kind friend of mine. For a sketch from the Olden Days of Yore, it's not bad, really; most of my random drawings from that timeframe have held up rather less well, I have to admit. 

Medium (I'm guessing, here): 2B lead, probably—as the original's much more lightly penciled than my modern-era sketches, which usually feature 3B or 4B—on linen-finish cardstock, definitely.

This illo is referenced from a long-ago photo shoot I did with the verra same friend; if you look through my gallery, you can see plenty of other examples using this ref material. Kinda random to see Rei wearing the outfit, but what the heck


BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL sketch, circa 2001


DIRTY PAIR's KEI and YURI, younger, from 2000

This one's a random, 2000-era sketch of (my version of) Dirty Pair's Yuri and Kei in their younger (mid-teenage) years, circa AD 2137 or so. Yuri's wearing a top with video-displaying fabric, while Kei's sporting temporary-tattoo-ish imagery rendered by William-Gibson-esque "melanin stenciling"; in my take on the DP's universe, genetic upgrades like Kei and Yuri can vary their skin's pigmentation levels at will. 

Can't quite recall for certain, but I think that Kei's top is loosely based on some odd fashion trend from the turn of our century, possibly from one of Li'l Kim's many wacky outfits. Note that grown-up/ grown-out adult Kei would presumably find this top's integral pockets to be of rather less utility, storage-wise. (Ahem.)

Old KEI and YURI 'beach biceps' sketch

Anyhoo, here's a scan (sadly, from an especially crappy photocopy) of a 2000 sketch of Dirty Pair's Kei and Yuri, presumably on the beach. The illo's more than a tad wonky, but I kinda like the shadow patterns on the DP's bodies, so what the heck...

DIRTY PAIR model sheet, circa '98

From a long-ago ('96? '98?) time when I was hoping to get other artists to draw Dirty Pair comics I'd write for 'em*, here's a design sheet I worked up for Kei and Yuri's body proportions. 

I originally tried to draw the DP 8 heads tall, but as the years went by, I grew tired of drawing the elongated, spidery legs that an 8-heads-tall hottie's proportions require, and switched to a more reasonable 7-heads-tall (or less) scheme. Also semi-interesting: The '96-era Kei and Yuri sport narrower hips and thicker waists than I'd customarily draw nowadays.


Behold, a sketch of Emp and Sistah Spooky* from Empowered, my "sexy superhero comedy" series published by Dark Horse Comics. Per a request, they're dressed in the "smartsuits" I designed for Kei and Yuri in my miniseries Dirty Pair: Run from the Future. Note that Spooky isn't kidding about the fact that the costume she wears in the Empoweredcomics...


Behold, a sketch of Emp (heroine of my ongoing "sexy superhero comedy" series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics) cosplaying as the immortal Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Furygame/anime/manga/etc. franchise. As is common in these cosplay sketches, Emp has misgivings about other heroines' choice of costumes.

DEUNAN and MAJOR KUSANAGI, 2001 sketch

2001 sketch of Shirow Masamune's leading ladies, Deunan Knute from Appleseed and Major Motoko Kusanagi fromGhost in the Shell. Scanned from a photocopy, so the reproduction's not the best you could hope for; then again, it's an old sketch, so who cares.

'99 Priss from BUBBLEGUM CRISIS sketch

2000 sketch of BUBBLEGUM CRISIS 7's Vision

Soul Calibur's IVY sketch

Once upon a time, I did play some of the earlier games in the SOUL CALIBUR series... but I've since had to give up the entire fight-game genre, as me poor drawing hand can't cope with games that require extremely repetitive, high-speed button-mashing. I know a few artists who are both highly productive AND fond of heavy-duty fight-game buttonmashery; presumably their hands are made out of carbon fiber, nano-extruded diamond and frickin' adamantium, as opposed to my mere flesh-and-blood appendages... 

Anyhoo, the piece is drawn with Mars Lumograph 2mm lead (3B hardness) on linen-finish cardstock.

ROBOTECH's Minmei movie

Behold, another old-ish piece (circa 2003) I dug up recently. This is the line art for the variant cover of Robotech: Love and War #2, a miniseries that Wildstorm put out during the brief but colorful period when they held the Robotech license.

IIRC, this is supposed to be a movie-poster image from one of the kung fu flicks Minmei did with her cousin(?*), presumably featuring the two facing off against an evil monk of some sort. Note her cousin's highly suspicious resemblance to "Dead Prettyboy"** from my Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone DC one-shot, and the fact that Minmei appears rather more racktastic than I recall... (Well, it's entirely possible that her chest was Photoshopped for the movie poster.)

*Alas, my recollection of Macross TV-era continuity is hazy (if not wholly nonexistent, given that I never saw the TV version) at best...

**Note also that, arguably, I should've called him "Pretty Deadboy" instead.

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