An Assortment of Amazing Studio Ghibli Inspired Art

Limited editions presented at Comic-Con, Japanese fans react to broadcast of "Spirited Away," and more!

Mondo, the makers of highly sought after, highly limited posters, launched a partnership with Studio Ghibli to present a series of prints coinciding with GKids's Ghibli retrospective. The first, a Totoro poster, went on sale in December, with the second, a Princess Mononoke-based work, debuting this week as a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive. 


Standard ($50) and variant ($90) versions are available at Mondo's Comic-Con booth, #437.


The previous Totoro poster:

Speaking of Miyazaki at SDCC, Hooked Hands will be at Giant Robot's booth (#1729), selling their custom crochet critters.


And speaking of Ghibli inspired posters, so non-SDCC attendees aren't left out, PROWER's 8bit Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke



by Jack Bloom


Some non-poster art by Yaphleen:


by *Mikomi-sama


On the Japanese side of things, Spirited Away recently aired on NTV's Friday Roadshow, yielding a ton of new Pixiv art.


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