UDON Entertainment Announces Manga and Art Book Plans

Anime art book roll out coming this fall, with Haruhi, Evangelion, and Read or Die

Original comics, manga and art book publisher UDON Entertainment has laid out plans for the coming months into 2013 during their San Diego Comic-Con panel. In addition to the expected, well-regarded Street Fighter material, the company will be making a big push into anime art books, with plans for Evangelion, Haruhi, and R.O.D releases. 


Anime art book plans include:


Evangelion Chronicles Side A covers episodes 1-13 with lots of details about the original TV series + unseen illustrations.

Other upcoming Eva books include Side B and Evangelion Chronicle: Illustrations.


Haruhi-ism - Haruhi Suzumiya, with illustrations by NOizi Ito, will be released late this year.

Read or Die (R.O.D.) Official Archive - due in 2013.

On the game art book front, Street Fighter x Tekken is due in September.

Manga plans include two-volume Disgaea 3 School of Devils by Shin Sasaki.

 has now been launched with full comics from Udon's library of Street Fighter material. UE commented, "we've been working with Capcom for 9 years to get the digital rights to publish Street Fighter comics online." One page will be added each day to running online publication of the material.

New original graphic novel Super Street Fighter: New Generation v. 1 is due this November.

Graphic novel Street Fighter Origins: Akuma, with art by Joe Ng, is due in early 2013.

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