RUMOR: "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" Cancelled

Square-Enix going for quiet cancellation instead of full announcement?

Sorry, FF fans, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I don't think Final Fantasy Versus XIII is in production any more.


A report on Kotaku claims information from sources within Square-Enix, stating that the company went for a quiet fade-away of the title instead of announcing its cancellation. Public acknowledgement of the title's cancellation might negatively affect Square-Enix's image and stock prices. The decision was made within the last few weeks, and caused a stir among SE employees who had been invested in the title's development.


FFXIII spin-off titles Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Final Fantasy Type-0 (formerly Final Fantasy Agito XIII) were both completed, but it's rumored that the resources and finished work for Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be folded into the development of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.


I can't say this really comes as a surprise to me--Nomura and his team had been giving noncommittal answers and avoiding any real information on the game since it was first revealed. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced in 2006, near the start of this console generation--if we still have this little information on the game six years later, it's not a good sign.


What do you think? Is Final Fantasy Versus XIII actually gone for good?



via Kotaku

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