A Look Inside Japanese Sword Museum's Evangelion Exhibit

Mecha anime promotes traditional sword making ahead of fall Evangelion 3.0 premiere

With Evangelion 3.0 premiering this fall, the franchise has been keeping very busy. There's the giant Rei slide, the Hakone shop opening, the upcoming "Girls of Evangelion" photo exhibition and Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum's showcase swords of  anime weapons, the center piece of which which is a three-meter-long, 30-kilogram recreation of Evangelion's Spear of Longinus. 


"Inspired by the Evangelion world, (craftsmen) will produce Japanese swords with up-to-date designs by using traditional skills," Setouchi Mayor Akinari Takehisa said while announcing the exhibition, which runs from July 14 to September 17. "I hope visitors will feel the soul of the Japanese tradition and the real strength of the sword-makers' skills."


"We're grateful that we can have an opportunity for a new mode of expression by teaming up with sword craftsmen, creators who are completely new to us," said Yasuhiro Kamimura, president of GroundWorks, the company handling advertising and promotion for Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.



While the anime's weapon measured 70 meters, the reproduction spear is smaller but still a hefty 3.3 meters. The weapon took a master swordsmith 6 months and 20 swords worth of steel to make.


The exhibition also features the work of 50 craftspeople from across the country, with 18 other swords produced.






pre-public opening showcase



via The Asahi Shimbun Nanew Shonner Cinema Today Kotaku Japan @Ikari_Gendo


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