Convenience Store Changes Name for "JoJo's"

For a day, a Lawson convenience store in Sendai will change its name to match the manga!

The interesting ad campaigns and promotions supporting the upcoming JoJo's Bizarre Adventure media blitz keep getting more bizarre!



The latest is the Lawson chain of convenience stores in Japan. Only for the day of September 4, 2012 (Tuesday), a Lawson store near the Sendai train station in the Tohoku region will now become the Owson store featured in the manga.




To help commemorate it, they'll be selling special Owson marker, pen and notebook sets you can only buy at Owson.



They'll also have on display a special Owson diorama made especially for the event, and they'll be holding a drawing to give away specially made Owson bags to 10,000 lucky winners!


Whether you're a fan of JoJo's or not, this could be a great pick-me-up for Sendai, hard hit by last year's Earthquake. Let's hope it brings in lots of otaku to add a boost to Sendai's economy!


Would you travel to Tohoku to visit a JoJo's haunt?



Source: Yaraon
Source: Lawson Campaign Official Site

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