Poll: If Hatsune Miku is Your Girlfriend, What Do You Want Her to Do for You?

Can the virtual idol be your ideal girlfriend?

As reported several times, so many Japanese researchers have tried their best to bring Hatsune Miku, the most popular Vocaloid character, to the real world somehow. So, what are their ultimate dreams with Miku in reality? A Japanese news site Gadget Tsushin has conducted a questionnaire survey with 1,000 people. The question was "If Hatsune Miku is your girlfriend, what do you want her to do for/with you?" These are the Top 10 answers. What's your dream with Miku?


1. "Sing for me" 337 votes (33.7%)

2. "Going out with Miku" 291 votes (29.1%)

3. "Taking a bath with Miku" 278 votes (27.8%)

4. "Checking the color of Miku's panty" 273 votes (27.3%)

5. "Sleeping together" 262 votes (26.2%)

6. "Playing video games with Miku" 225 votes (22.5%)

7. "Lying with my head on Miku's lap" 206 votes (20.6%)

8. "Eating Miku's home cooking" 204 votes (20.4%)

9. "Dance for me" 201 votes (20.1%)

10. "Getting married to Miku" 198 votes (19.8%)

Source: Gadget Tsushin via Hatsune Mikumiku

Miku cosplayer: Roki

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