Contract with Kyubey and Get a "Madoka Magica" Credit Card

When you get one, you can also win "Madoka Magica" movie tickets.

In a cross promotion, Orico (Orient Corporation) is putting out credit cards based on the Madoka Magica movie series. All any Japanese resident has to do is go to the official site, contract with Kyubey, and that person can get their own Madoka Magica card and be entered to win one of 200 sets of movie tickets for both the Madoka Magica movies.



Best of all are the buttons on the home page that have different versions of Kyubey saying, "Contract with me and become a card member!"




Would you contract with Kyubey to get a credit card?


©Magica Quartet/Aniplex, Modoka Movie Project

©Orient Corporation


Source: Otaku.Com

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