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Upcoming KyoAni series kicks off this October

You can tell Kyoto Animation's fall anime Chū-2 Byō de mo Koi ga Shitai is a big deal. The House of Haruhi just have to release a few still frames of the eye patch wearing, heterochromiac heroine, and the crowd who voted KyoAni the top anime studio hops with anticipation. 


The new stills include:


The character,  Rikka Takanashi, is voiced by Maaya Uchida (Mari from YuruYuri, Izumi Yunomoto from Moretsu Pirates). Her castmates include Chinatsu Akasaki (Kill Me Baby's Yasuna Oribe) as Shinka Nibutani, Azumi Asakura ([email protected]'s Yukiho Hagiwara) as Kumin Tsuyuri and Sumire Uesaka (Listen to Me Girls' Sora) as Sanae Dekomori.

The original light novel received an honorable mention at the first Kyoto Animation Awards. The October anime series will be directed by Tatsuya Ishihara (AIR, kanon, CLANNAD), with series composition from Jukki Hanada (K-on!, Sola, Steins;Gate)Kazumi Ikeda (openings of AIR, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Hyouka) is on board for character design and animation direction.

Other visuals for the project include:




A teaser based on the manga... Update: @ultimatemegax points out that the source was a light novel rather than manga. 


via Yaraon


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