VIDEO: First "Btooom!" Anime Promo

Move over Hunger Games!

There's been a lot of talks about the potential for survival action TV series in the Hunger Games/Battle Royale vein.  Well, Madhouse's (Hunter x Hunter) adaptation of Junya Inoue's manga looks prepared to own that niche. See a first preview, with a bit of May'n's (Macross F, Accel World) end theme here.


Like Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo announced around the same time in June, the series is being directed by a woman who worked on Chihayafuru and Aoi Bungaku. In this case, Btoom! director Kotono Watanabe was also a Puella Magi Madoka Magica episode director.


Kousuke Kuroda (Hellsing Ultimate, Highschool of the Dead) will be writing the show. Takahiro Kishida (Durarara!! and Baccano!, Madoka Magica) provides character design.


Ryota Sakamoto - voiced by Kanata Hongo

Himiko - voiced by Suzuko Mimori

Kiyoshi Taira - voiced by Tohru Ohkawa


Kosuke Kira - voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro

Yen Press is planning to released the original manga in North America.


BTOOOM! is a debut manga series by Junya Inoue originally published by Shinchosa Publishing. Ryota Sakamoto, one of the top-ranked players of BTOOOM!, an online battle game, wakes one evening to discover he's now in a real-life version of his favorite game, forced to battle other players to the death to survive. The first volume is slated for a Spring 2013 release.

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