An Early Look at ufotable's "Fate/stay night: Réalta Nua" Anime Cut Scenes

PS Vita port of visual novel due to hit Japan November 29th

After putting their stamp on Type-Moon's modern fantasy Fate franchise with prequel anime Fate/zero, anime studio ufotable has been invited back to animate cutscenes for the November PS Vita port of Fate/stay night: Réalta Nua.

An early look has been posted on the official website.

And the visual novel itself...

Réalta Nua was a PlayStation 2 port of the Type-Moon visual novel Fate/stay night, featuring the voice actors from its Studio Deen produced anime adaptation.


Fans who came into the franchise through Fate/Zero should note that Fate/stay night features Saber in a Grail War that includes Saber as well as Shiro Emiya, Rin Tōsaka, Sakura Matō and Illyasviel von Einzbern as masters.


Previous cut scenes looked like...



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