"One Piece" Cake Ship Returns!

For 4500 yen for your ship to sail to your stomach.

The "Thousand Sunny" ship that appears in Eichiro Oda's One Piece is the basis for the new One Piece Dream -- Overflowing Dessert Dream, Thousand Sunny that's put out by Bandai's official online shopping site, Premium Bandai.


They released a similar product last year, so it's back by popular demand. The Thousand Sunny features two types of cake, chocolate and mandarin orange. The chocolate cake starts with cocoa-flavored sponge cake with chocolate cream between layers. It's topped with green-tea-style cream icing, whipped cream and fruits. The mandarine orange cake has a base of sponge cake with orange cream sandwiched in the center. It also has mandarin oranges on top, and above it all is a dollop of custard pudding with a bit of raspberry sauce for flavoring on top.


After you're finished eating, the Thousand Sunny ship is suitable to display in your room. It also comes with a "spork" set with the characters of Luffy and Chopper on top. It will cost 4500 yen (about $57.50 at today's rates) however shipping and handling charges are extra. Premium Bandai is now accepting pre-orders, and plans on shipping in September. Quantities are limited.


Would you fork over the cash to snack on Thousand Sunny?

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

Source: Comic Natalie

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