120 Minute Run Time Listed For "Evangelion 3.0" - UPDATED

Third Rebuild movie to be longest Eva feature yet

Hope you like your anime movies long, because Toho is listing an approximate 120 minute runtime for Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. At the rate at which the length of these Rebuild movies have been expanding, Evangelion: Final seems likely to top Akira's 125 minutes. 



For comparison:

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone - 98 minutes

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance108 minutes

Evangelion: Death and Rebirth - 115 minutes

End of Evangelion87 minutes

Nausicäa of the Valley of the Wind116 minutes

Kiki's Delivery Service102 minutes

Princess Mononoke134 minutes

Ghost in the Shell - 80 minutes

Sky Crawlers - 121 minutes

Akira - 125 minutes

Steam Boy - 126 minutes

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time98 minutes

Summer Wars - 114 minutes

Ninja Scroll - 94 minutes

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 103 minutes

5 Centimeters Per Second  - 65 minutes

Children Who Chase Lost Voices - 116 minutes

Perfect Blue - 80 minutes

Paprika - 90 minutes

Macross: Do You Remember Love - 115 minutes

Dagger of Kamui - 132 minutes

Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space - 141 minutes

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - 164 minutes

Final Yamato - 165/175 minutes (depending on version)



Toho has updated their listing for the feature, adding a notice that the runtime is unconfirmed.

Previous 120 minute listing

Now sports a red warning

via Yaraon and @eva_fan


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime. 

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